Digital Advertising: Introduction and Benefits

When it comes to advertising, you probably have two options to choose from – traditional classified ads and digital classified ads. Although you know your decision to get fruitful outcomes, however, it’s good if you get to know some key points to differentiate between the two.

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Traditional vs. Digital Advertising

For many years, traditional classified ads ruled the advertising industry. While there were many ways that were used to sell any product or promote any business, many of them are still active, which include newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, etc. These communication channels allowed several businesses to decide on the advertising methods based on several aspects, such as budget. However, most of the times, the cost of these channels were out of the budget of many small businesses.


With the advent of the internet, social networking sites, and gadgets, it is now possible for even small businesses to reach their niche market. There are many websites that allow to post free classified ads online.

Now, let’s talk about top three important factors that are usually considered while posting classified ads.

  • Price: If you’d compare digital advertising with the traditional one, you’ll find it a lot cheaper. Moreover, if you talk about the cost of buying TV spots, you may be required to pay a good amount of money to the TV commercials and that too before you can gauge results. On the other hand, digital advertising demands for little or no money at all.
  • Time: The traditional channels don’t allow you to respond to the recent market changes as quickly and efficiently as digital channels do. You’ll have to start your preparation beforehand weeks and even months ago. Even the newspaper ads need preparations for a couple of days to get everything done. However, digital advertising doesn’t require this much time to post ads. You can create and post ads in just a couple of minutes.
  • Target Audience: The technical advancements allow advertisers to target their audiences more precisely. Small businesses can use this to their advantage and can reap fruitful outcomes. There are several factors that can be used here. For example, how many users have interest in particular product or industry, what amount of personal information they share, and so on.

All in all, posting free classified ads online comes with a handful of benefits, which can help sell or generate buzz around your new brand. And, if you’re still looking for a good classified website, you should give Fleewe a try. It’s a classified website that lets you publish free ads.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Fleewe today and get set ready to make the best deal.

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